SN Initiatives (Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight in to the initiative) Class & subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realized or not realized
1 Activity based teaching like dramatization with makeup & costumes, group discussion, word building, use of dictionary. I to V English To develop creativity. To learn correctpronunciation, speaking & to increase vocabulary Realized
2 Teacher taught the mathematical tables with rhymes and tunes .Activity based teaching. I to V maths To learn basic concepts of mathematics with creative methods All students should learn tables. Realized

To develop interest among all students for using Hindi shabdhkosh

Activity based teaching like dramatization with makeup, group discussion.
I to V Hindi To increase Hindi vocabulary & create interest Realized
4 Activity based teaching, group discussion, given projects, they were taken on excursion tour, teaching in garden for giving natural atmosphere. I to V Evs Improve their knowledge in science, clear their basic concept of Evs with creative methods. Realized